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Attorney Sarah G. Swain is dedicated to defending clients against all types of criminal charges, including traffic offenses. If you have been issued a citation for a traffic violation, contact The Swain Law Office today to schedule an appointment with a Kansas traffic violations lawyer. We act for individuals, families, and students charged with traffic ticket violations in the Lawrence and Olathe area, including people stopped on I-29 and I-35.

Traffic Violations in Douglas County, Kansas

Sarah G. Swain offers a vigorous defense to people charged with traffic offenses such as speeding, reckless driving, driving while suspended, and driving without insurance. Even though many people do not view simple traffic violations, such as a parking ticket, as a criminal offense, some traffic violations carry fines and significant penalties, such as suspension of your license. Felony traffic violations, such as vehicular homicide, DUI / DWI, and failing to stop at an accident, or “hit and run” can include jail or prison time as well.

Traffic Offenses Penalties

Moving violations stay on your driving record for three years, even if you pay the fine and acknowledge guilt. This can lead to higher insurance rates, which can remain in effect until and after the ticket is removed from your driving record. In addition, you might lose your license, face jail or prison time, and be required to pay significant fines. Working with an experienced traffic offenses defense lawyer can reduce or eliminate the penalties that may come with a conviction for a traffic offense.


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If you have received a ticker in Douglas County or Lawrence, Kansas,speeding tickets, our law firm can help you decide what to do. Because our law firm is exclusively devoted to providing hardworking criminal defense representation, we know the intricacies of handling traffic offenses. Contact our Kansas traffic violations law firm today.



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