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Defending Clients Accused of Prostitution-related Crimes

Despite its status as the world’s oldest profession and the “victimless crime” sentiment held by many, a conviction on charges of solicitation of a prostitute can mean sex offender registration for a minimum of seven years. This can turn what was a case of bad judgment into a career-destroying, life-changing event. You need to protect the life and career you have worked so hard to establish.

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At The Swain Law Office, we have handled prostitution-related cases in the Kansas City metropolitan area and throughout the state of Kansas. Our clients, often caught in sting operation, include business executives, medical professionals, accountants and college professors.


In many cases where clients have been arrested and charged for the first time, attorney Sarah G. Swain has had a great deal of success in helping individuals avoid conviction and sex offender registration through placement into diversion programs.

Online Prostitution and the Laws of Kansas

In an effort to disguise the activity and to avoid the street-level deterrence tactics of neighborhood watch groups, more and more prostitutes of all ages are turning to the Internet to conduct their “business.” Women, desperate to survive, are posting ads on websites, such as Craigslist, and end up with responses from police posing as “clients”.


Online “advertising” is especially prevalent in sex trafficking involving teenage child prostitutes whose presence on the street tends to get more attention from both the police and the public. This can mean big trouble for people who try to solicit a prostitute online. If the person solicited turns out to be a minor, Jessica’s Law can turn what would ordinarily be a very embarrassing arrest for prostitution into a 25-year jail sentence.



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