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Have You Been Arrested While On Probation?

A probation violation is not a matter to be taken lightly. You are on probation because you were convicted of a crime and were fortunate enough to be given some reprieve from your original sentence. If you have violated the terms of your probation or have committed an additional crime, you may be subject to completing your original sentence.

Regardless of what your probation officer may tell you, it is vitally important to have criminal defense representation at your probation violation hearing.

Can You Afford Not to Hire an Attorney Following a Probation Violation?

At The Swain Law Office, we represent clients accused of a probation violation. Sarah G. Swain, an experienced criminal defense attorney, recognizes exactly what is at stake at your probation violation hearing. The judge will have the opportunity to send you to jail or prison to serve your original sentence. You need a strong advocate on your side to convince the judge you are deserving of a second chance.


Contact The Swain Law Office today to schedule an appointment. We are available to meet with prospective clients in our Lawrence or Olathe office locations or in jail or prison, as necessary. We offer a free consultation to offer discuss your legal options.

The Probation Violation Hearing

After a person has violated his or her probation, he or she will most likely be arrested and will have to go back to court for a hearing. During the hearing, the judge will review the case and listen to the probation officer’s testimony. If the person is found guilty of violating the terms of his or her probation, he or she may lose the privilege of parole and be forced to serve an enhanced sentence and pay hefty fines.


As your legal representatives, we work to present the details of your case in the best possible light. It is our goal to have the allegations against you dropped or greatly reduced, lessening the impact on your life. Contact us as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer.


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