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At The Swain Law Office, with offices in Lawrence and Olathe, Kansas, we handle only criminal defense cases. We are dedicated to vigorously defending our clients facing marijuana possession charges. If you have been arrested for possessing marijuana or drug paraphernalia, contact us to schedule an appointment with an experienced Lawrence marijuana possession defense attorney today.


Penalties for Possession

Possession of marijuana is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to 12 months in jail. In addition, conviction can affect your future, limiting your ability to receive education grants and scholarships and admission to certain graduate programs. Finally, conviction of even a Class A misdemeanor can stay on your record permanently, influencing things like renting an apartment or obtaining certain types of jobs. The stakes are high, even for a seemingly minor offense.

Drug Possession and Police Misconduct

That is why it is critical to have an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Our defense attorney knows that minor drug charges are often manipulated by law enforcement. Police misconduct, such as a sting operation or failure to use probable cause as the basis for searches, is more common than most people know. For example, police may arrest someone with a straw, charging him or her with possession of cocaine paraphernalia. Our attorney, Sarah G. Swain, has significant experience handling drug charges that result from police misconduct, and knows how to file the necessary motions to get charges dismissed or evidence suppressed.



Our Philosophy of Practice
At The Swain Law Office, we focus our practice solely on criminal defense. We put our clients first by listening carefully to them, meeting with them frequently, and handling all aspects of the case including appeals and post-conviction processes. We will meet clients and potential clients in jail, if necessary.

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Our experience includes defending against charges involving possession of marijuana and paraphernalia such as a drug pipe. We know how to protect your rights, fight law enforcement zeal, and deliver the best possible outcome for you. Take care of your future. Contact an experienced defense attorney if you have been charged with marijuana possession.


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