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Providing Options for Post-conviction Relief in Douglas County

People don’t commit crimes with the intention of being convicted. Those who are, in fact, guilty may have found it easy to believe they would be the one who “gets away with it”. Others who are wrongfully convicted may feel as though the system has failed them. Whether warranted or not, criminal convictions can continue to have a lasting impact on those subject to them. Seeking options for post-conviction relief may be the only way to move beyond what has taken place.


At The Swain Law Office, we work with clients seeking criminal appeals and those wishing to pursue expungement of their criminal record. From our offices in Lawrence and Olathe, Kansas, we represent clients statewide. To arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer, contact us by calling 783-842-2787 or toll free at 866-550-2787.


Appealing a Criminal Conviction

The criminal justice system is not perfect. Mistakes are made. Innocent people are sent to spend the remainder of their lives behind bars.

Attorney Sarah G. Swain is highly experienced in the area of criminal appeals. As a person who has tried numerous cases, she has developed a keen eye for spotting another lawyer’s errors. In reading transcripts from the criminal trial, she often spots things the original counsel did incorrectly, didn’t do, or should not have done. These issues can lead to a new trial or a conviction being overturned.

Expunging a Criminal Record

A criminal record can hinder certain areas of your life, sometimes keeping you from:


  • Passing a background check
  • Renting or buying a home
  • Qualifying for student loans
  • Obtaining professional licenses

An expungement may be the answer to your concerns. Contrary to popular belief, an expungement is not a method of sealing a criminal record. An expungement is a legal process that sets aside a conviction and dismisses a case. Your adult or juvenile criminal record will contain a note stating that charges against you have been dismissed. Although evidence of your past will still exist, an expungement can help to clear your name in public records.



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Following a criminal conviction, you do not necessarily have to give up hope and accept the consequences you’ve received. Contact The Swain Law Office to learn if a criminal appeal or an expungement is applicable in your case.


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