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If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic abuse or stalking, you have a serious problem on your hands. Even if you are completely innocent, you may be served with a protection order that strictly prohibits you from contacting the individual who requested the order. What do you do if that person is your wife, boyfriend, or the other parent of your children? What happens if you can’t go home?

At The Swain Law Office, we provide criminal defense representation to clients throughout Northeastern Kansas. If you’ve been served with a restraining order, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect yourself from making an accidental violation, which could result in time in jail. Contact our Lawrence or Olathe law offices to schedule a free initial consultation.


Defense Against Abuse or Stalking Allegations

Sarah G. Swain, an experienced criminal defense lawyer, has seen far too many clients wrongfully accused of domestic violence or stalking. Disagreements often occur between spouses or romantic partners. Unfortunately, some people choose to make false allegations as a way to “get back” at their partner. When this occurs, a strategy for fighting the charges needs to be put in place immediately.

Whether the allegations against you are untrue or whether they have some merit, you could be facing serious consequences if you don’t pay attention to the fine print. Any form of communication with the other party — a phone call, a text message, an e-mail — could result in a violation and up to a year in the county jail. Five text messages equal five violations and five years of incarceration. It doesn’t matter if the alleged victim initiated contact. If you reply, you are disobeying the terms of the protection order.

Ms. Swain will work with you to help you understand the limitations you are up against while building a strategy to fight the allegations against you.


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