The Potential Impact of a DUI Conviction on University of Kansas College Students

Posted on: 08 Oct, 2014

While it was sad to see our Kansas Jayhawks lose in the Sweet 16 this weekend, tailgating at Jayhawks games and celebrating after a key win remain a rite of passage for many University of Kansas students. However, the excitement and joy of college parties and campus life can quickly turn negative when the flashing lights of a police car are reflected in the rearview mirror. A DUI conviction carries severe consequences for anyone convicted for driving under the influence, which may include incarceration, severe fines, loss of driving privileges, a criminal record and more. However, the stakes are much higher if you are a college student at the University of Kansas or other college campus in our state.

Many college campuses have honor codes that may impose severe penalties on university students that are convicted of DUI. Some of these harsh policies are even imposed for a mere DUI arrest. The adverse consequences that may be imposed by a college or university on a current student or prospective student because of a DUI arrest and/or conviction include:

Denial of admission
Loss of scholarship
Suspension or expulsion
Disqualification for professional school or licensing (i.e. bar to law school)
Eviction from student housing
Denial of student loans or other forms of financial aid

There are other practical consequences that may result from a DUI conviction in Kansas if you are a college student. The loss of driving privileges may make it difficult to get to and from school, work or other college activities. Incarceration or community service obligations may interfere with your academic schedule and force you to miss class or reduce your available study time.

If you are seeking admission for some professional schools like law school, the law school may specifically ask about whether you have a criminal conviction. The reason for this inquiry is that you may not be able to pass the moral character evaluation which is part of admission to the state bar so the law school may deny you admission on this basis.

As if these consequences were not severe enough, a conviction for DUI is a matter of public record that can be discovered through a simply criminal record search. These searches are now a common part of many hiring processes so future employers may discover your DUI conviction. When two comparable candidates for a position are being considered, the discovery of a prior DUI conviction can certainly tip the scales against a job applicant.

At our DUI defense law firm, we recognize the harsh consequences of a driving under the influence conviction and work diligently to protect our clients’ freedom, driver’s license and reputation. We invite you to contact our office and discuss your situation with Kansas DUI lawyer Sarah G. Swain without fear of being judged. The initial consultation is free and confidential. Call us today at 785-842-2787 or toll free at 866-550-2787.