How Mouth Alcohol Can Yield Inaccurate Breath Testing Results in a Kansas DUI Case

Many people have heard the term “mouth alcohol defense” in the context of DUI cases but do not know whether it is a valid defense. In reality, mouth alcohol is a valid defense that can result in inaccurate breath testing results. While police officers administering a breath test of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) are supposed […]

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The Potential Impact of a DUI Conviction on University of Kansas College Students

While it was sad to see our Kansas Jayhawks lose in the Sweet 16 this weekend, tailgating at Jayhawks games and celebrating after a key win remain a rite of passage for many University of Kansas students. However, the excitement and joy of college parties and campus life can quickly turn negative when the flashing […]

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Defense Strategies to Kansas Drug Possession Charges

If you are arrested for possession of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine or other controlled substances in Kansas, you can face very serious penalties, including a felony conviction, incarceration in jail or state prison, substantial fines and other consequences. However, an arrest for possession of narcotics is very different than a conviction. There […]

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How College Students Can Reduce the Risk of a DUI Conviction in Kansas [Part I]

When you are driving home from a fraternity or sorority party or other college function involving alcohol and see flashing red lights, this can be both a frightening and life-changing moment. Even if you are over the legal limit for intoxication under Kansas law, this does not necessarily mean that you will be arrested for […]

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How College Students Can Reduce the Risk of a DUI Conviction in Kansas [Part II]

This blog post is part of our two-part blog that provides suggestions to college students on how to improve their situation when they are pulled over for DUI in Johnson County. College tuition has spiraled out of control so it is important that you not allow a momentary lapse in judgment to derail your future. […]

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What Every College Student Should Know about Field Sobriety Tests during a DUI Investigation [Part II]

This is the second installment in our two-part blog that is intended to provide answers to common questions asked about field sobriety tests in Kansas DUI cases. If you have not yet had an opportunity to review Part I of this blog, we invite you to read Part I before reading this installment. Although we […]

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Conviction for a “Minor Offense” May Not Have a Minor Impact on the Future of a College Student [Part I]

While college can be an exciting time in between the breaks to open a book or attend classes, it is also a time where many young people are away from home and parental supervision for the first time. While this situation makes it predictable that college students tend to party, they often underestimate the impact […]

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